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One code covers all the bases.

Product counterfeiting and gray market trading pose special challenges to manufacturers of branded products in any sector. Only through consistent control of the distribution chain can manufacturers avoid losses in sales revenues, damage to their image, and risks for consumers.

The Challenge

A security system that adequately meets the demands of brand owners and consumers is required at the interface between these two groups:

  • Overt security features are easy to recognize by the consumer but may fall short of providing the desired level of protection.
  • Covert features offer higher levels of security but can only be decoded by consumers when using special aids.

The Solution

KeySecure is a tracing system that meets the demands of all the stakeholders. It ensures that each packaging unit can be clearly identified, like a unique specimen. A 15-digit alphanumerical code is used as the identifier. It contains encrypted information on various product features such as authenticity, origin and destination. The code is printed as a clear-text number or barcode, or is integrated into a 2D Datamatrix.  

Via a respective Internet portal or a call center the alphanumerical code can be checked—anywhere in the world and at any stage of the distribution chain. Manufacturers or consumers enter the code into a mask and are immediately informed whether the product in front of them is an original or fake. By integrating the system into the manufacturer’s website additional product and marketing information can be communicated to the user. KeySecure thus not only increases product security but also provides an intelligent channel for advertising and customer retention activities.