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Product security from the manufacturer to the consumer? The KeySecure system offers a code-based identification solution for authenticity purposes.

Through an Internet page, the telephone or via smartphone scan, manufacturers, distributors and consumers have the chance to check the authenticity of the product in question. All they need to do is enter the code in a respective website mask of the brand owner or phone it in to a hotline and wait for the result of the check. Especially convenient is the quick scan of an encrypted 2D code, which enables really simple identity verification and customer communication with a cell phone — around the world and at any stage of the distribution chain.

The highly complex security code marks a product or document as uniquely as a fingerprint identifies a person. In combination with overt and covert authentication features, it increases the level of anti-counterfeiting protection even further.

Schreiner ProSecure is a provider of innovative self-adhesive security solutions for product, brand and document protection with worldwide activities. As a development partner and systems supplier, Schreiner ProSecure delivers solutions for optimum marking, sealing and monitoring of the entire distribution chain.