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Our system, your benefits.

Marking: unique
The KeySecure code converts each product into a unique item. The encrypted reference to the original product offers even higher security than a randomly generated code does.  

Authentication: immediate
Product authentication is quickly and easily performed on the Internet. After entering the code, the KeySecure user--whether he/she is an inspector or consumer—immediately receives confirmation about the product’s authenticity and additional information for checking overt authenticity features.  

Tampering: excluded
A code found to be invalid may indicate a case of product counterfeiting. The system registers each entry of a KeySecure code and will show a warning whenever a predefined number of queries have been exceeded. Consumers who have purchased faked products can thus contact you—enabling you to track down counterfeits around the world.  

Customer retention: intelligent
The best solution is to integrate the online authentication functionality into the manufacturer’s website. This enables the company to use it as a platform for communicating brand messages and additional information to its customers. In addition, the KeySecure functionality can be used to conduct customer surveys to gain insights into user structures and behaviors.

Quality standards: exacting
Schreiner ProSecure’s production meets the stringent standards for security printing operations of the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO). In addition, Schreiner ProSecure meets the requirements of associations in the automotive (CLEPA) and the pharmaceutical (efpia) industries.